Saturday, 30 April 2011

Giant seagulls, footwear

After cream tea, we headed down to the beach where I DID get my swim... It was 6 o'clock, not exactly boiling and still APRIL remember - but there were a few odd people paddling and I was determined to go in! And it was FREEZING! Anyway, back on the pebbles (no sand round here!) the sun was setting over the rocks making for nice silhouettes of the children playing in the background. There were some seagulls milling about which I wanted to include in my sketch. One of two things happened here. a) My placing and perspective were all wrong and the seagull subsequently looks e-nor-mous. b) My drawing abilities are 100% perfect, and this was in fact the GIANT SEAGULL mentioned in the previous post.

Plus BONUS footwear sketch to add to the summer air of the post and point out again the novelty of SEA-SWIMMING and FLIP-FLOPS in April in the UK!


  1. Love the flip flops. I tried to draw my shoes today and it was HARD! ;-)

  2. many brave points for swimming - even summer halfterm is too early in my book.