Thursday, 28 May 2015

B - C - D

B is for banana!

C is for chocolate rabbit!

D is for dishes (in the sink - just visible!)

Sunday, 24 May 2015

An A-Z of drawing!

So I have recently been doing a drawing challenge with a friend in which each day, we draw something starting with a letter of the alphabet, from A through to Z. We take turns (I did A, she did B, I did C etc.) and send each other the results via the amazing technology that is WhatsApp!! We just completed the first run-through and are now doing it again, but this time doing the letters we didn't do last time. Here is a preview! My A (there is a little creativity allowed - sorry this was A for ankle boots...). More to come soon...

Pen sketch 2

This one is not done from life I'm afraid, rather from a black and white portrait in the newspaper which caught my eye. And led me to look up the photographer, a man from Northern Ireland called Bobbie Hanvey who turns out to be quite a prominent photographer and broadcaster, you can have a look at hundreds of his photos here

Pen sketch 1

 I am all about the black pen and plain 15 x 8cm notepad at the moment. It feels like an easy challenge as I don't have much paper to fill - although I do tend to then get quite involved with lots of detail, which is no bad thing. This one is from the local life-drawing class which I occasionally go to. It was probably meant to be a warm-up sketch but I think I then spent at least 30 minutes on it.