Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas time!...

... is here again and with the holidays (2 weeks off work!) a good opportunity and more importantly NO EXCUSES for not doing some drawing! Here are some festive objects from around the house.

Firstly, a) some little wooden decorations off the tree...

... these are more recent additions to the Christmas tree decoration collection. While said collection has been updated by my mother a little over the years, I'm always glad to see year after year the hobby horses and shiny clip-on red birds. Although the fact that those still remain makes me wonder if anything has actually been culled to make way for the new ones?? Or does the tree just get busier and busier each year?

b) Mmmmmm. Okay so this wasn't exactly 'from around the house', rather taken from a tin put on a plate put in microwave until pop! It cracked. My very own home-made mince pies cooked with love and brought over from Dublin. I managed to last a good few minutes drawing this particular specimen until the smell of sugar, fruit and rum got the better of me and I had to eat it!

Click on the pictures for high-resolution versions!

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