Sunday, 6 July 2014

La la la la last weekend!

Another sketch, another Dublin statue! This guy is hidden away singing his heart out in a corner of the rather lovely Iveagh Gardens in the city centre. World famous, apparently...

I also went along to the Chester Beatty library on Sunday with the Dublin Sketchers drawing group ( The place is a fantastic collection of all sorts of artistic treasures - illustrations, manuscripts, textiles, decorative items... ALL sorts. My personal favourites were a selection of 16th century Middle Eastern drawings with text of New World people, plants, buildings and animals, which the artist had based on some Italian writings... ok I'm not sure if these details are correct, but anyway, the artist had drawn an armadillo as a bird, and a blue anteater... great place to draw, if a little dark (to preserve all the ancient art!). The sketch on the right is taken from a Japanese print of some famous actor of his time. He should be holding a big yellow chair over his head but I ran out of time / space!

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